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The main purpose of a research essay is to provide an answer to a question depending on facts. The research essay incorporates logical flow, active voice, concise, clear structure, and factual arguments. The structure followed by research essay assignment includes introduction, body, conclusion, and usually it is without headings.

It explains what you have done and conclusion is provided depending on factual and practical information. This piece of assignment is written in passive voice and past tense with clear objectives. The structure of lab report include introduction, methods, results, discussion, and headings.

case study examines the particular situation by identifying negatives and positives of the provided scenario. Additionally, the recommendations are included depending on the critical evaluation of the case study. Case study is concise, authoritative, and factual based. It includes numbered headings, executive summary, and table of contents.

It provides critical evaluation of the data, research methods, and results. It is written in active voice, present tense, evaluation, and analysis. It includes brief summary and no headings

It determines key ideas across literature by understanding current thinking and finding the research gap. It is written in a formal manner with clear objective, tentative, and the opinions depends on text. It includes introduction, body, conclusion, and it also explains similarities, differences, and critical comments.

It identifies key articles on a particular topic by critically evaluating the usefulness of the articles. It is written in a formal manner with clear objective. In addition, the title is listed alphabetically in annotated bibliography.